Microsoft Access, Excel and VBA programmers

Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel VBA have long been the database of choice for business. It is an easy-to-use database program to store business data and automate business processes.

We have coded these databases since 1995 so are very experienced in getting the most out of this iconic program.

Although simple databases can be produced with Microsoft Access, many users find themselves limited by the wizards that are provided with Microsoft Access. Some of our bespoke database solutions have included complete business management system, providing an easy-to-use interface to allow the customer to quote, order management through a manufacturing plant and dispatch and invoice integrations for a £2 million turnover company. Other bespoke solutions have integrated into website databases provide a seamless ordering process and management system.

Our skill has been to provide our customers with the necessary, often complex solution using all of Microsoft Access features including VBA (Visual Basic for applications) and connecting to Microsoft SQL Server database backends.